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Featured Projects

Some of Our Featured Projects and Missions

Mercy Ministry

Supply of food to the Community during the Lockdown

Prison Ministry

Supply of Food and other essentials to the Prison Personnel

Mercy Ministry

Supplying food stuffs and other neccessities to the old and vulnerable

MAST Training Workshop

Training Language communities on MAST Methodology

BIBLE Translation

Helping Language groups to translate their Bibles

BIBLE Translation

Helping Language groups to translate their Bibles

Pathfinder Harvest Ministries ltd offers a variety of ministry services within the scope of the ministry board in Uganda.

Our intention of starting our Ministry is to soundly reach community through Church planting, Bible Translation, education, Evangelism, Leadership Development, Economic Empowerment and Health to the people in various services and support to both the vulnerable and marginalized communities from the church ministry and we will do all that is permitted by the law of Uganda to achieve our aim and Ministry goal.

Meet our team

Behind this great work of Ministry, are these mighty men and women of valour

Eshima Milton

Founder and CEO

Ashimwe Milton

Ministry Cordinator

Junior Imaniriho



General Secretary