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Welcome to Pathfinder Harvest Ministries

Is a non-profit Faith Based Organization (FBO) registered operating in Kisoro District-Uganda. To undertake a number of ministry activities in the communities of Kisoro and all around Uganda. We believe in Harvesting men and women for the Kingdom of God (1 Billion Souls Harvest).

Our Vision

To Harvest and Empower Leaders that will fulfill God's Purpose to the Nations

Our Mission

To reach the Communities through Church planting, Bible Translation, Evangelism, Leadership Development, Economic Empowerment, Health, and Education.

Our Goal

To Harvest and Empower One Billion Souls for the Kingdom of God through the different activities.

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ABOUT our ministry

PATHFINDER HARVEST MINISTRIES LTD is non-profit Faith Based Organization (FBO) registered operating in Kisoro District-Uganda.


To Harvest and Empower Leaders that will fulfill God's Purpose to the Nations,


To reach the Communities through Church planting, Bible Translation, Evangelism, Leadership Development, Economic Empowerment, Health, and Education.


We believe that the Lord Jesus as both God and man is the only One who can reconcile us to God. He lived a sinless and exemplary life, died on the cross in our place, and rose again to prove his victory and empower us for life.

We believe that in order to receive forgiveness and the ‘new birth’ we must repent of our sins, believe (trust) in the Lord Jesus Christ, and submit to his will for our lives.

We believe in baptism in immersion water following conversion as an act of obedience to Jesus' command.

We believe in Baptism of the Holy Spirit' for enablement and empowerment of Christian service. The Holy Spirit enables us to use spiritual gifts, including speaking in tongues (languages).

We believe that God has individually equipped us so that we can successfully achieve his purpose for our lives, which is to worship God, fulfill our role in the Church, and serve the community in which we live.

We believe in divine healing, the restoration of health to the one who believes and acts out God’s word and that Jesus is the healer OUR GOAL To Harvest and Empower One Billion Souls


Pathfinder Harvest Ministries ltd offer varieties of ministries services within the scope of the ministry board in Uganda. Our intention of starting our Ministry is to soundly reach community through Church planting, Bible Translation, education, Evangelism, Leadership Development, Economic Empowerment and Health to the people in various services and support to the both vulnerable and marginalized communities from the church ministry and we will do all that permitted by the law in Uganda to achieve our aim and Ministry goal.

How to collaborate with PHM

By praying with Worshiping

Giving a financial contribution

Mercy ministry support for the needy.

Church land and construction support

Giving gifts in kind

Radio program support

Children Sponsorship in education.

Pastor's support.

Volunteering to serve






Time Management.

Team work

Passion to work

Our services include;

Church planting Ministry both towns and villages.

Hospital Ministry both in the hospitals, health centres and clinics.

Prison Ministry in the prison places

Bible Translation program Every language to have bible in their mother tongue

Mission Ministry including Evangelism and Crusades both towns and in villages.

Discipleship both leaders and new believers in home cells and Family groups.

School’s ministry For example Schools outreaches.

Youth Ministry to raise leaders with Vision.

Mercy Ministry by supporting needy communities.

Leadership Development includes Conferences, Seminars and Fellowships.

Children ministry that is; Supporting both Orphan and Vulnerable and marginalized children and training children on a biblical foundation.


That is;

i. To partner with persons of great vision who will venture out with strong faith and a desire to do the work of the organization, this will in the long run help the members of their community.

ii. To plant and nature churches and ministries all over the world.

iii. To address and promote personal, skills and strategic development which are all key and important areas of leadership development.

iv. To translate, provide opportunities and channels for translators and interpreters working between English and other languages to exchange information and opinions.

v. Provide professional education for translators and interpreters through general meetings, Special Interest Group sessions, online mentoring, translation contests, and other activities, most of which are open to the public.

vi. Educate the public and users of translation and interpreting services about the skills and experience needed to become accomplished practitioners of these vitally important knowledge-intensive professions.

vii. Publicize the importance of translation and interpreting services in boosting international trade and business and facilitating cross-cultural communications in various fields.

viii. To support Government programmers’ and establish social services to the needy members of the community in primary health and to the sick suffering in all kinds of diseases such as AIDS-HIV, leprosy, educational institutions

ix. To train, educate and support children in their intellectual, physical, social, health, spiritual and economic development through the provision of affordable and quality formal and informal education.

x. To award certificates to persons or pupils who have been instructed, trained and examined by or at the discretion of the organization.

xi. To provide a platform for dialogue and policy making on education, servant leadership and sponsorship related matters

xii. To coordinate and find temporary homes, hotels and lodges for visiting missionaries both on long and short term.

xiii. To receive and administer donations, gifts grants from Government and any other sources local or international for the enhancement of education, health and other areas of life .

To share Christian message of hope with those who are not yet saved and so give them the knowledge and opportunity to respond to the good news that they can be forgiven and accepted as a child of God, being loved, valued and give purpose in life.

To build the church through encouraging believers and releasing people into using their God given gifts and through empowering and equipping pastors and leaders as well as providing material assistance to churches in need.

To help the vulnerable persons turn into change agents in their communities.

Provide access to critical services in the education of Orphans and vulnerable children.

To empower the enterprising poor people so that they can sustainably in business (Micro-enterprises that will liberate them from the bondage of poverty and contribute to community development.

To reach the unreached with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, where the gospel has not reached and make sure that the people hears the good news of Christ.

Encourage and promote a culture of savings both vulnerable and marginalized communities, the basis for formation of a formidable credit program.

To relieve poverty, hardships, show compassion and extend practical help and assistance to all those in need with a particular focus on vulnerable groups such as tribal people, abandoned children, the elderly.

To equip the family of community churches with knowledge of the Word of God to enhance spiritual maturity

Ensuring the establishment of sustainable food security interventions and improving the nutrition of Orphans and vulnerable children and their households

To improve training in fields of develop talent and other practical skills and to also provide training in Christian faith and leadership, with potential for education in other areas as becomes appropriate.

Strengthening partnership and networks between government, the private sector, civil society and development partners.

Meet our team

Behind this great work of Ministry, are these mighty men and women of valour

Eshima Milton

Founder and CEO

Ashimwe Milton

Ministry Cordinator

Junior Imaniriho



General Secretary